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Searching for partners
in Austria and Germany

LLC “EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES” solves the problem of development and serial production of a new generation of small-sized electrochemical units for water treatment and activation, based on the natural-like technologies of electrochemical activation (ECA).

Duration of the call and the formation of bases by country

Creating databases to search for partners in Austria and Germany took a total of 5 days – from 04 to 09 November 2020 and amounted to 46 companies in Austria and 43 companies in Germany, the call was carried out from 09 to 16 November 2020 inclusive

Problems with communication in the companies of the client’s target group were not revealed, but there is a difficulty in finding the LPR in large associations, due to the remote location of employees because of COVID-19 and the complex organizational structure of enterprises. In a number of dialogs it is required to send a letter first, and then it is possible to get the name of the LPR, such is the specificity of products.

Conducted 109 dialogues, of which 32 were with decision makers

  • There have been 61 dialogues in Austria, talked to 20 prospects, identified 6 companies with a clear interest in the products, found 22 potential partners, sent 28 commercial proposals
  • In Germany we conducted 48 dialogues, managed to talk with 12 potential customers and sent 18 proposals. We found 10 customers with a clear interest in cooperation and 12 with a potential for further processing. 22 commercial proposals were sent.

Feedback on our work

On behalf of “EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES” Ltd. I would like to express my gratitude to the employees of “Innovative Perspective” Ltd. for effective and professional search of new export clients within the framework of the contract 151-FB dated 20/10/2020 in the Republic of Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany

Gnatiuk P. V. — CEO

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