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Partner Search
in Romania and Poland

TechnoSonus Group is one of the leaders in the domestic market of soundproofing, acoustic and vibration insulation materials, technologies and engineering consulting in the field of construction and architectural acoustics. The company has been successfully developing since 2007.

The duration of the formation of bases on the countries, as well as the duration of the implementation of the call

The formation of databases to search for partners in Romania and Poland took a total of 5 days – from 08 to 13 December 2020, the call was carried out from 14 to 18 December 2020 inclusive


There were no problems with communication in the target group companies, the calls were made in Polish and Romanian, but there were problems with the work schedule in the target groups: because of COVID-19 many work like this – a week in the office and a week on the remote site or all the time on the remote site. There is no way to contact the decision makers (LPR) in a number of cases, in many companies their names, if they are not presented on websites, are not allowed to disclose, it is only possible to send them letters to an email address. A number of large target companies could not be contacted either, as during the whole period of telephone calls no one answered the phone.

A group of completely “dead” architectural bureaus was put into operation. We then refused to call them on the grounds that they are mainly engaged in design and they do not need the materials themselves, and many construction companies are not interested in cooperation, as they do not use this material or have their own proven suppliers.

Conducted 94 dialogues, of which 31 were with decision makers

  • Fifty-one dialogues were held in Poland, talked to 17 decision makers, identified 10 companies with a clear interest in the products, found 14 potential partners, sent 26 commercial proposals
  • 43 dialogues were held in Romania, It was possible to talk with 14 LPRs, sent 22 commercial proposals. We found 12 customers with a clear interest in cooperation and 11 with a potential for further development.

Feedback on our work

Technosonus Center LLC Expresses great appreciation to the employees of Innovative Perspective LLC for the opportunity to conclude new contracts with target clients in Romania and Poland. The team’s work was well coordinated and professional. We hope for fruitful cooperation.

Vinokurov A. — Commercial Director

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