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From request to contract

Windvane provides domestic manufacturers and entrepreneurs with a full range of services for exporting and promoting goods on foreign markets and conducting successful foreign economic activities. Our team has been formed over the years and currently consists of leading experts in the implementation of export projects in dozens of countries

Organizing new opportunities

We analyze foreign markets, conduct market research, develop export strategies and the correct positioning of products, determine sales channels, provide potential buyers in the countries of expansion and accompany them to the contract

There are no barriers for us

Our specialists always find productive solutions, taking into account changing foreign economic factors and emerging complexities of trade and economic relations. The effectiveness of our approach is confirmed by the high conversion rate of finding foreign partners and concluding successful deals


How to bring your goods to foreign markets as quickly and efficiently as possible? We tell you about the main activities of our company.

We share the steps of how we set up export-oriented business processes, find new partners on demand, conclude profitable contracts with them, and develop new markets.

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We are proud of our successes

On behalf of the management of the Vladimir region Export Support Center we would like to thank LLC “Innovative Perspective” for support of our projects at every stage and successful promotion of the Vladimir region goods in the world market. All stages of interaction with foreign buyers are carried out at a high professional and organizational level.

P.S. Shibilov. — Director of the Export Support Center of the Vladimir region.

On behalf of BIOPHARM Ltd. and myself personally, I would like to thank the team of Innovative Perspective Ltd. for the high quality of work and meeting deadlines in the project to find new partners in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We will be glad to continue our cooperation in 2021!

Derkach S.N. — Founder of NPF BIOPHARM LLC

Garnets LLC would like to thank the professional team of Innovative Perspective LLC for their help in promoting products in Germany and Italy and concluding new contracts in these countries. We are ready to continue cooperation in the new year 2021 and to export significant amounts of gluten-free flour and flour mixtures to other countries of Europe and the world.

O.A. Timofeeva — CEO

We express our gratitude to the specialists of LLC “Innovative Prospects” for the search of new export partners for the jewelry factory “Golden domes” in the Republic of Moldova and the Federal Republic of Germany. Prompt provision of data and high professionalism is a visiting card of your company. We wish you success!

Y.S. Trofimova. — Head of Development

After submitting the report for the two countries, we already received 15 cooperation requests from partners in both countries a day later, and that’s with only 55 companies in progress! Such a high interest was achieved due to the communication in Chinese and Finnish of the project executors and the balanced conditions we offered to new clients from these countries.

Bogov A.N. — CEO

On behalf of “EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES” Ltd. I would like to express my gratitude to the employees of “Innovative Perspective” Ltd. for effective and professional search of new export clients within the framework of the contract 151-FB dated 20/10/2020 in the Republic of Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany

Gnatiuk P. V. — CEO

Technosonus Center LLC Expresses great appreciation to the employees of Innovative Perspective LLC for the opportunity to conclude new contracts with target clients in Romania and Poland. The team’s work was well coordinated and professional. We hope for fruitful cooperation.

Vinokurov A. — Commercial Director

We express our gratitude and appreciation to the staff of LLC “Innovation Prospects” for the high level of services in the search for potential foreign buyers for small and medium enterprises of Tyumen region – JSC “AminoSib” (production of gluten (gluten))

Sibanbaeva S. S. — Head of the Export Support Center
Fyodor Mezenkov
CEO and founder
Denis Chernousov
CBO (Chief Business Officer)
Nikolay Boldyrev
Product manager
Yulia Nakaryakova
Head of Sales

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